Telecommunications giant O2 welcomed the support Railston offered as they upgraded their flagship store and rolled out a new concept

Railston worked alongside O2's in-house team to complete the full refurbishment of their flagship store at the O 2 arena. The store had to be perfect due to it's location and association with the London area of the same name. The store is an exciting and inviting environment in which to celebrate the O2 brand and it's connection with sports and entertainment.

Railston completely demolished the old store to make way for the new concept. The front of the store was opened up and features a large digital display. Inside the store are further  interactive displays, a performance stage, multiple areas to showcase products and some special memorabilia from the likes of BeyoncĂ© and Lady GaGa to name a couple. Railston look forward to further supporting O2 as they continue their store refurbishment programme