No1 Lounges

Railston are proud to be working with prestigious brand, No1 Lounges, on their airport projects across the UK

No1 Lounges offer outstanding pre-flight relaxation at prestigious airport lounges across the UK. The ultimate jet-set departure is offered by the Clubrooms brand. The core private lounge experience is offered under the No1 Lounges brand and little brother, My Lounge, is all about social lounging. Further services are offered, such as pick up and return, airside sleeping in pod bedrooms and a wonderful travel spa. For more information and booking visit their website here

 Railston were delighted to get the opportunity to work with No1 Lounges and their architects. To date we have worked on a number of lounge refurbishments at locations across the UK, each to both the client and airport's exacting standards. We hope to continuing our relationship as No1 Lounges expand their operations