Baskin Robbins

Railston worked with Baskin Robbins on a very rapid roll-out of install ice cream kiosks at cinema locations across the UK

Railston worked with Dunkin' Brands on their Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins fascia at locations across the UK.

Baskins Robbins involved an incredibly fast-paced roll-out programme to install ice cream kiosks at cinemas across the UK, completing up to 4 a week at peak. Railston managed the whole install, liaising with the cinema operator and ensuring minimal disruption as the cinema remained open throughout. Railston worked with Baskin Robbins to create an ice cream kiosk which could be located at various locations, including shopping centres, service stations and even be taken to festivals and events.

Railston installed several Dunkin Donuts stores on the high street for franchisees as the brand was brought to the UK.